• "I didn't think there was a machine out there that could replace my skid steer for pushing out the poultry barn and we can load the end dump in one step".

  • We we able to increase the storage in our hay shed by 25% and the Merlo pushes as well as a tracked skid steer.

  • I didn't think it would really perform like a tractor but it does. We were able to handle 4 bales at a time with my bale shredder.

  • There are all sorts of tasks that are made easier by utilizing the Merlo. It is great for towing equipment around the yard

  • Merlo is the only machine we know of that has a PTO and can place bales up to 30 feet.

  • I can't imagine going back to a tractor to do my chores around the farm - as a cattle rancher moving to a telehandler has cut my chore time in half.